Apple is working on a fuel cell laptop project

    It is very similar to the fact that Apple is currently working on a draft laptop with a fuel cell. In any case, a patent for this technology has already been filed. In principle, if the “apple” company succeeded, and a laptop with a fuel cell appeared on sale, one would expect incredible excitement. For geeks so surely this would be a gift.

    Apple experts say that fuel cells in netbooks and laptops can become a reality for the next several years. If we are talking about hydrogen fuel cells, then a laptop can work on such batteries for several days or even weeks in automatic mode. At the same time, such a battery can be significantly smaller than current batteries.

    Unfortunately, so far this is only a theory - in the real world there are no hydrogen fuel cells that can really become part of an ordinary laptop and be, among other things, beneficial for commercial use. But if Apple can create something like this, success is guaranteed. Well, provided that such a laptop will not cost many thousands of dollars.

    A bit more information on this subject (including patent schemes filed by Apple) can be found on appleinsider . It would, of course, be very happy to receive technology that would allow laptops to work for long days at a single fuel cell refueling. We will wait for all this to appear on the market and hope that this will happen in the next couple of years, not decades.

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