Cell phone in different countries - the results of one study

    Mobile phones are now more popular than before. Smartphones, communicators, ordinary dialers - all of them are produced and bought by tens of millions. About how owners of mobile devices use their devices can tell one of the studies conducted by the agency Pew Research Center. The guys from the agency have done quite a lot of work in 21 countries of the world ( even Russia and Ukraine are on the list , you have to).

    So, the results of the study cannot be called surprising and unpredictable, although there are still some interesting things. So, the study showed that most smartphone owners below the age of 30 use many of the functions of their mobile devices, including social ones. About half of respondents take photos and videos using their mobile devices, and only 23% of mobile device owners use the Internet.

    The most popular multimedia messaging with the transfer of photos and videos in Japan (here this function is in demand among 72% of mobile phone users), then comes Mexico (61%), Spain (59%) and Egypt (58%). The network is accessed via mobile devices mainly in Israel (47%), Japan (47%) and the USA (43%). As for other countries, the results for them can be seen below.

    The study also affected the social sphere, the Pew Research Center team tried to determine which nations communicate most actively in social networks using their mobile device. It turned out that Israel (53%), the USA (50%), Great Britain (43%), Russia (43%) and Spain (42%) are the most active in this sense.

    The Pew Research Center survey was conducted by dialing or “street” survey in the countries indicated on the list. For each country, a sample of 700 to 4029 residents was made, which answered the questions of sociologists. In general, quite an interesting job.

    Via Mashable

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