Habraklient for mobile devices



    Break search, the Internet and the entire page of the blog "ideas for startups" I did not see a single post related to creating a Habr client for mobile devices.

    As a result, I decided to describe my vision of the client, or rather its functionality.

    I represent a client with a fairly simple 3-click interface with high usability, most likely finger-oriented. It is very useful for fans to read a habra in the morning with a cup of coffee, at work, on a train and on a bench near a free wi-fi point.

    Thanks dive for the advice on the implementation of the client for mobile devices. In fact, the idea smoothly flows into the development of a client for Android / WM / iPhone OS / Symbian OS

    If, nevertheless, there was a very similar idea, and even more so, I’m asking you to notify me for immediate closure of the topic.

    General functionality of Habraklient

    I believe that it is not worth overloading the client, I see the functionality for myself as follows:
    • Authorization (for users with acc on habr)
    • Multi-column. Not so long ago, I came across a client for twitter using the same AIR shell, namely TweetDeck .
      I really liked their multi-column structure.

    • Ability to sort thematic blogs and company blogs. Since the structure seems to me multi-column, it’s possible to create a new column as a consequence and add either a separate thematic blog or select a series of blogs to display in it. The posts themselves will be displayed in the form of headings, with the ability to expand on the first n-characters. When you click on the heading, you go to the post itself. It is also possible to create columns:
      1. Private messages
      2. Favorite
      3. User profile
      4. Mine / His (with the display of your or other people's blogs and / or comments)
      5. Favorite
      6. Specific Thematic Blog
      7. Blogs you have selected (check your favorite blogs with checkboxes)

    • Plusing posts (naturally for authorized users only)
    • Editing Your Habraprofile
    • Add to friends
    • Commenting

    More on posts feed

    The feed of posts includes the following functionality:
    • By clicking on the post (and as it was written above in the feed, posts are displayed as headers) go to the post page in the browser
    • Expand and collapse the post. When you click on a post, it expands to the first n characters (maximum up to 400, I think)
    • Raising and lowering the rating of the post (as described above under a big question)
    • Remove post from feed
    • Add post to favorites
    • Tweet
    • Add to bookmarks (again, it can be, although you can specify the bookmark service in the same settings and authorize it as well)
    • Remove post from feed

    About comments and commenting

    Honestly, I can’t figure out how to implement comments, I thought about different types of commenting implementation, for example, in tabs or in some other way. Speaking of the interface, if you liked the idea and you want to continue the bread and circuses , then in the next post I will publish part of the interface for the client.

    In custody

    Naturally, this is an idea that has not yet been thoroughly worked out, and we all together will be able to bring this idea to the ideal hypostasis and also ideally realize it.

    Interested persons I invite to cooperation. I myself am a designer, I will take care of the development of the interface, the rest is with the future colleague (s) (s) (:

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