Simpler! Simpler! Even easier! How to get out when not enough hands

    imageTonight there was nothing to do, it was necessary to solder a couple of transistors. Starting with regret, I discovered that my vision was no longer right ... There was no
    lamp at hand, and holding a flashlight in my teeth is only convenient in the movies. Whipped up the backlight. So simple that I could not help but share it with the habrosociety.

    The ingenious simplicity of design thought and graceful curves of the lamp housing make the audience tremble. Ridiculously simple and convenient.

    So we need:
    • white LED (suitable from an unnecessary more flashlight)
    • a piece of wire, for example from a twisted pair .
    • any 3V battery

    You can bite the wire from unused pairs in the network cable of your computer , but I would not recommend this to inexperienced users. Well, if you decide, first google “I have lost the Internet, what to do” and save the results. You will need them.

    The tool is to your taste: the wire can be broken by multiple bends, and the LED just screwed. I had a soldering iron at hand, a suitable battery and 5 minutes of time, too.

    Getting ready

    So, let's begin.

    From a piece of wire of suitable length, we bend the stand. Any shape, wire color and size - feel free to fantasize, but it is better to make it stable without the weight of the battery, then your lamp will be not only the simplest but also convenient.


    Customize the contacts.

    Showing imagination

    After checking the polarity, we connect the LED (if it does not light, swap the legs or turn the battery over if you have already soldered it).

    Solder or screw tightly

    Checking the complete system.

    Checking the complete system

    And at work.


    Having enjoyed the shape, we bend the wire as it is more convenient for us, we direct the light to the darkest corners, keeping our hands free. Production time 5-10 minutes, depending on the desire to enjoy the process.

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