We released to the world: Java Card Runtime Environment Simulator "jCardSim"

    In our experience, when creating solutions based on the JavaCard platform, the most time-consuming is the process of debugging applications, especially if various cryptographic algorithms are used.

    To simplify the development process and improve the quality of applications, our company has developed and uses the 2.2.1 specification simulator in its JavaCard projects, including the full implementation of all cryptographic algorithms.

    As a contribution to the JavaCard community, we made the source code for the simulator open.

    Features jCardSim:
    • The ability to quickly prototype applications
    • Ease of writing Unit tests
    • Easy to create verification tests (Visa / Mastercard)

    The project is available on Google Code: code.google.com/p/jcardsim

    We will be glad to see you in contributors and committers! :)

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