Evernote Update for iOS: collaborative notebooks, easier access to offline notebooks, and more

    Today's Evernote update for iOS (version 4.1.7) will allow you to open for other users access to entire notebooks. The update also includes a number of improvements aimed at improving stability and simplifying access to offline notebooks. More details about new features below.

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    Notebook sharing

    The ability to open shared access to notebooks is very useful when working in a team. Evernote for iOS already allows you to share individual notes, and now you can provide other users with access to notebooks. It is done like this:

    • iPhone: on the notebook screen, click on the “Change” button, then on the desired notebook and select the option Share this notebook .
    • iPad: on the notebook screen, click on the “Change” button, select a notebook and click on the sharing icon.

    After that, the screen for sharing settings will appear, where you can choose whether to make the notebook open to the whole world or only to individual users. You can enter the email addresses of the people you want to open access manually or select them from the contact list by clicking on the plus icon.

    In addition to the new sharing features, premium account holders can also allow other users to edit the contents of their notebooks. These settings can be specified in the Recipients allowed: field .

    If the notebook is open to everyone, you can post the link to it on Twitter or Facebook from the sharing settings screen. You can also copy the link and send it by mail or chat.

    Sharing management
    From the sharing screen, you can also open access to the notebook to new people, cancel access to selected users, configure access rights or close the notebook completely.

    Simplified access to offline notebooks

    The owners of premium accounts have the opportunity to store the contents of notebooks entirely on the device and have access to them at any time and anywhere, regardless of the availability of an Internet connection. In this update, we have simplified the transition to offline notebooks, which are now grouped at the top of the notebook list. Go to it to view your offline notebooks or click on the gear icon to add new notebooks, delete old ones or make all notebooks available offline.

    And not only...

    This update also implements many apparently invisible improvements, in particular, now the application will be much more responsive in the process of editing notes. We are continuing to work on new features, so stay tuned.

    We also recommend that you try out our new Evernote Hello and Evernote Food apps if you haven't already.

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