Mail.Ru mail “swollen” up to 5 GB

    Mail.Ru users no longer have to manually increase the size of mailboxes. 5 GB of disk space is immediately available, whereas earlier, 25 MB were allocated during registration (capacity could be increased as it was full). The current 5 GB is also the lower limit of the size of the boxes, it follows from the message of the company.

    With the innovation, the service received online storage functionality, which, according to Mail.Ru CEO Dmitry Grishin, is quite in demand. The company increased the basic capacity of the mail, feeling that even the initial 25 MB is not enough for the most active users who conduct large correspondence.

    “As far as I know, not a single free postal service in the world currently provides such an amount of disk space,” said Grishin. He added that "every year the personal space of people more and more" moves "from a local computer to the Internet."

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