Ru-Сenter: The domain market in.RU amounted to 375 million rubles.

    Revenues for domain registrars cannot be called high, said Ru-Center director Alexei Lesnikov at a news conference at RIA Novosti . The entire domain market in the RU zone, according to his assessment, amounted to 375 million rubles in 2006 ... When deducting infrastructure costs - financing of the coordination and technical centers of the RU domain (55 million rubles), it turns out that the shares of registration companies and their partners working with the end customer, we had 160 million rubles each. In 2005, the domain market volume, according to J'son & Partners, amounted to 220 million rubles (excluding indicators of secondary sales of domains).

    There are 12 accredited registrars in the Russian Internet segment. Last year, new players did not appear among them. According to the head of the project, Pavel Khramtsov, companies that could do domain registration do not do this because they "do not want to push around." In addition, a domain business can only be profitable as a complement to other areas of work.

    In 2006, the number of second-level domain names in RU increased by 60.8% to 718 thousand names. By February 2007, the figure was 756 thousand, and by the fall it is expected to overcome the milestone of a million domains. In addition to RU, only four out of 248 national domains showed double-digit percentage growth: AT (Austria), ES (Spain), FR (France), US (USA).

    This year, Ru-Center reports an increase in the number of registrations for individuals (among them, of course, cybersquatters are also represented). These are mainly Muscovites; their average age is 26 years (before - 28). Outside the capital, the purchase of domains is quite active, but local customers sometimes choose third-level domains that are “tied” to a specific region. Residents of Ukraine, the USA and Israel also continue to register domains in the RU zone, doing this, according to Pavel Khramtsov, mainly from nostalgic feelings.

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