Another EDMS or ...?

    There are perhaps hundreds of electronic document management systems of various calibers. Therefore, we, Cognitive Technologies, did not begin to invent a bicycle with square wheels, but summarized our experience in automating document management and business processes in our new product, which was called E1 Euphrates.

    E1 has historically been the successor to the already well-known EVFRAT-Document Management system, which differed from similar solutions on the market in that it used the industrial object-oriented DBMS NIKA (also developed in Cognitive Technologies). The market realities are such that it was decided to base the new system on popular solutions in the corporate sector from MS and Oracle. But in order not to become attached to the products of a particular vendor, we developed the Cognitive Nexus platform - a document-oriented layer between the information system and the DBMS, which gives certain advantages to our system, including complete independence from the database used. In addition, the graphical interface was completely redesigned (a sore point for almost all corporate systems) - thanks to Usethics.

    In our next posts we will tell you in detail “what is the salt” of our product, what advanced technical solutions were used to create it, and what might interest both developers and users.

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