OS X Lion and iMessage

    Why didn't iMessage support appear in 10.7.2?

    The introduction of support in OS X would be a great step to promote iMessage. After all, there is everything for this:
    - iCloud has a common address book
    - there is an excellent iChat IM client - add the iMessage protocol to it and that’s it.

    Enthusiasts have unearthed code snippets in iChat:
    interface IMMessage: NSObject
    IMHandle * _sender;
    IMHandle * _subject;
    NSAttributedString * _text;
    NSString * _plainBody;
    NSDate * _time;
    NSDate * _timeDelivered;
    NSDate * _timeRead;

    But officially, Apple is silent.

    The iMessage application concept for OS X has appeared online . It was invented by Jan-Michael Cart.

    Personally, I don’t see the point in a separate application, but as it will be in reality, I think we will find out soon, because delaying the lack of iMessage support in OS X is not in Apple's best interest.

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