Codecademy Programming School Gets $ 2.5 Million

    Company Codecademy perform operations Codecademy.add (investors) in the amount of US $ 2.5 million. By the way, one of the new properties of the object is Yuri Milner.

    Recall that Codecademy, a one-of-a-kind startup, teaches JavaScript beginners with free, interactive exercises. It opened two months ago: in the first 72 hours of work, the site was visited by 200 thousand novice programmers who completed 2.1 million lessons.

    After receiving such a significant amount of investment, Codecademy can still work for free for a long time (in the future they still plan to come up with some kind of business model), and can also hire content organizers and increase the number of lessons on the site. New content will be added community forcesaccording to the UGC model. For example, the first such course, "Functions in JavaScript," written by Albert Wenger , was recently launched .

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