Google Nexus One most likely will not receive updates to Android 4.0

    Hugo Barra, head of product management at Google, said in an interview with Telegraph that the Google Nexus One is too old a phone for Android 4.0, so only Google Nexus S will be updated.

    Apparently, this is a vivid case that technology has again become a victim of management and marketing considerations. Given the fact that the Google Nexus S is slightly different from the first nexus, such statements look at least strange. Apparently, the owners of the device can rely on the CyanogenMod and MIUI teams, which will begin to develop firmware immediately after the release of the source code for the Android 4.0 system. Formally, already now some developers have begun to rivet firmware on ICS, but based on an analysis of the released SDK, but the guys from the CM and MIUI teams want to release high-quality firmware.
    Google karma after such a statement fell below the plinth. If Google still hopes to maintain its good corporation face, then let them change their minds. By the way, the corporation’s hypocrisy is confirmed by the statement that theoretically any device working with Android 2.3 can update ICS. Nexus One works with 2.3.7, so theoretically it can work with Android 4.0.

    Features of Google Nexus One.
    Features of Google Nexus S.

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