Google considers buying Yahoo

    The saga of buying / selling assets of Yahoo Corporation does not end there. The management of this company has not yet confirmed its intention to sell the assets, but many companies are already counting money and are looking for partners, intending to make Yahoo an “offer that cannot be refused.” Earlier it was written that Microsoft has found partners for a joint purchase of Yahoo. Now the authoritative publication of the Wall Street Journal reports that the management of the Corporation of Good is considering the possibility of acquiring Yahoo Inc.

    So far, Google has made an offer to merge and buy Yahoo to several investment companies. But the names of these companies are still unknown, and negotiations are at an early stage. Actually, for Google, buying Yahoo can be a bargain, since in the United States the mailer of this company is in first place in terms of popularity, and Yahoo occupies one of the first places in the United States in the attendance of all its services.

    Yahoo has a monthly audience of 700 million people, and if Google buys this company, the corporation’s resources will receive fresh blood, and the social network Google+ will reach a new level of work. Yahoo also has long established relationships with premium content providers, including publishers such as ABC News. Google executives are very interested in making a deal with these partners.

    Yes, and in the advertising field at Yahoo so far, everything is fine, graphic, interactive advertising and video advertising brings corporations about 2 billion annually (this is total revenue, not net profit). For Google, adding these kinds of assets can be very profitable.

    Yahoo is currently working closely with Microsoft, AOL and several other companies, trying to attract more partners. It is still difficult to say how it will all end, and whether any of the companies will succeed in making such an interesting offer for Yahoo that the management of the corporation will not be able to refuse, and will transfer all the assets (well, or part) into the hands of other people.

    Via WSJ

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