Interesting statistics of 100,000 profiles with Stack Overflow for 2018 (and habraopros)

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At the beginning of 2018, more than 100,000 respondents participated in the Stack Overflow survey, making this developer survey the largest in the world.

The most interesting answers are under the cut.

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Ardent newcomers prevail in software

Most professional developers have been programming recently. 55% code less than 8 years, and 1/3 less than 5.

How many years have you been programming


And most developers have been professionally programming for less than 5 years

How many years have you been professionally programming (working as a programmer)


Nearly half of all professional developers are also open source.

Contribution to open source projects.


And almost all professional programmers consider coding to be their hobby.

Is programming a hobby?


A quarter of developers do not have a bachelor's degree

Your education


And among professional developers, one in three has an education not related to computer science or software


Almost all professional developers are constantly learning new skills - most often through online courses and self-study, using documentation

Ways to gain knowledge.


About a quarter of developers participate in hackathons, mainly because it’s fun

Why developers participate in hackathons.


Many developers attend training camps of programmers already having a permanent job to expand their skills

How soon after going through the training camp did you find a job.



Most of the developers work on a permanent job, approximately 10% are freelancers. Only 5% of developers who want to work now in the search - statistics are much better than in almost any other field of activity.



They work in a wide range of areas of industry, many of them beyond what is considered to be a “technical specialty”



Most of them work in medium and small companies. With increasing experience, the chance of working in large companies also increases.

Company size


They are ambitious. Only 1 out of 5 developers agrees to work in the same conditions as now, after 5 years. A quarter of developers strive to create their own company

Where do developers see themselves in 5 years?

73% of developers are satisfied with their career choice

Attitude to career and work in general


JavaScript is the most popular technology for the sixth year in a row

Scripting, markup, and scripting languages


JavaScript-based frameworks and libraries remain the main development tools

Frameworks, libraries and tools.


SQL databases are still the most popular. Also, MongoDB document store and Redis key databases have become popular this year.



Diversity in Software Development

In software development, young people still prevail ...



Childless ...

Children and other dependents.


Men ...



Whose parents were in college

(Only 1 out of 3 Americans has a bachelor's degree, which speaks of problems of social mobility)

The level of education of parents.


Other interesting information about the developers

They are not as close to vampires as Hollywood would have suggested.

When do you wake up?


They spend more than half their time at the computer

How much time do developers spend at a computer?


This suggests that most developers devote time to regular exercises.

How often do developers go in for sports?


The vast majority of developers are optimistic about the future of artificial intelligence

What do you think about the future of artificial intelligence?


But they acknowledge that developers are ultimately responsible for
AI security

Who is responsible for the possible consequences of AI?


Most developers said they would refuse to write code that they thought served an unethical purpose.

(tricks people or steals information)

What should developers do if they are asked to write code for an unethical purpose?


However, they say the company’s management is responsible for the unethical code.

Who will be responsible for code that serves an unethical purpose?


The vast majority of developers believe that they must consider the ethical implications of their code.

Should developers consider the ethical implications of the code they write?


If you are interested in reading about developer ethics, take a moment and read this article .

Also, Bill Surur, a developer who has been professionally involved in programming for over 20 years, has created a series of ethics guides .

Thank you for reading. If you have the time, you can read all the results of the Stack Overflow 2018 survey and share your thoughts in the comments below.

Survey 2017

Only registered users can participate in the survey. Please come in.

Сколько лет назад вы научились программировать?

  • 9.4%0-257
  • 12.9%3-578
  • 10.9%6-866
  • 13.1%9-1179
  • 14%12-1485
  • 12.4%15-1775
  • 9.1%18-2055
  • 4.1%21-2325
  • 4.8%24-2629
  • 2.9%27-2918
  • 5.9%30+36

Сколько лет профессионально программируете?

  • 24.7%0-2145
  • 18.3%3-5108
  • 19%6-8112
  • 14.9%9-1188
  • 6.6%12-1439
  • 5.1%15-1730
  • 4.5%18-2027
  • 2.2%21-2313
  • 1.3%24-268
  • 0.6%27-294
  • 2.2%30+13

Контрибьютили в Open source?

  • 39.9%да233
  • 60%нет350

Кодить — это хобби?

  • 73%да429
  • 26.9%нет158


  • 11.1%средняя школа66
  • 32.2%специалитет190
  • 24.4%бакалавр144
  • 27.2%магистр161
  • 4.5%кандидат27
  • 0.3%доктор2

Как изучаете новое?

  • 89.5%Своим способом507
  • 45.9%Онлайн курсы260
  • 11.3%Контрибьютил в open source64
  • 13%Курсы на рабочем месте74
  • 5.6%Хакатоны32
  • 3.3%Олимпиады19
  • 0.7%Частные уроки4
  • 6.3%Сертификационные обучающие программы36
  • 0.3%Буткемпы2


  • 85%Полная занятость489
  • 2.9%Неполная занятость17
  • 5.5%Фриланс32
  • 6.4%В поиске работы37

Размер компании

  • 14.2%0-10 чел77
  • 6.8%11-20 чел37
  • 23.8%21-100 чел129
  • 24.2%101-500 чел131
  • 7.5%501-1000 чел41
  • 9.4%1001-5000 чел51
  • 3.5%5001-10 000 чел19
  • 10.1%10 000 +55

Чем пользуетесь?

  • 51.7%JavaScript295
  • 49.6%HTML283
  • 46.6%CSS266
  • 57.8%SQL330
  • 24.3%Java139
  • 27.3%Bash/Shell156
  • 29.6%Python169
  • 29.8%C#170
  • 24.5%PHP140
  • 20.7%C++118
  • 13.5%C77
  • 15.2%TypeScript87
  • 3.5%Ruby20
  • 3.6%Swift21

Фреймворки, библиотеки, инструменты

  • 37.5%Node.js130
  • 20.8%Angular72
  • 26.5%React92
  • 34.1%.NET Core118
  • 20.5%Spring71
  • 12.4%Django43
  • 2%Cordova7
  • 6%TensorFlow21
  • 4.3%Xamarin15
  • 4.9%Spark17
  • 4.6%Hadoop16
  • 3.4%Torch/PyTorch12


  • 94.5%М553
  • 4.6%Ж27
  • 0.8%прочее5

Когда просыпаетесь?

  • 0.6%до 5 утра4
  • 4.3%5-626
  • 18.2%6-7108
  • 24.1%7-8143
  • 19.7%8-9117
  • 15.8%9-1094
  • 5%10-1130
  • 1%11-126
  • 2.5%после 1215
  • 8.4%не имею постоянного расписания50
  • 0%прочее0

Сколько времени проводите за компьютером?

  • 0%менее часа0
  • 0.6%1-4 часа4
  • 10.9%5-8 часов65
  • 62.2%9-12 часов368
  • 26%более 12 часов154

Сколько занимаетесь спортом

  • 49.1%Не занимаюсь291
  • 30.5%1-2 раза в неделю181
  • 14.8% 3-4 times a week 88
  • 5.4% almost every day 32

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