The digest of fresh materials from the world of the frontend for the last week №349 (January 21 - 27, 2019)

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    podcastWeb Standards podcast, Issue # 158: Web Standards website, events and communities, Safari TP news, recent articles, snippets and code editors, who need VR, GitNation foundation.
    podcastDevshacht # 67: Security Issues
    podcastCSSSR Podcast News 512 - Issue # 35 (January 21 - January 27)
    podcastFrontend Youth (18+) Podcast # 81 Everything you wanted to know about GraphQL
    podcasten5 minutes of React Podcast # 23 - Hasura GraphQL Engine
    video"ALL YOUR HTML" # s2e6: Raymarching, infinite space
    videoFrontSpot Show: Where did RSConf go? Melkosoft wins Facebook? Free ReactAmsterdam Tickets!. Pilot release of the new show

    Web development

    • SEO: Why rel = canonical can be ignored on sites using JS , and also why older sites can rank higher than more recent content
    A story about how not to design an API
    Electron: development of desktop applications
    What I don’t browse in 2018 . Den Abramov decided to write a Russian translation of his popular article himself
    • The enGreat Separation . Two front-end developers are sitting in a bar. And they have nothing to talk about.
    enWhat we learned about the trends in hiring developers in 2019 from an analysis of 112,654 coding tests
    enHow to create virtual reality using web technologies, new video series
    enHow we moved from Wordpress to React and raised $ 80 million
    videoDetailed overview Feature policy. Beyond the drafts.


    habrGradient borders in CSS
    Text-transform and copying . What happens when copying text with text-transform
    enWeb design patterns for web
    enAnimation of CSS Grid is a website that helps you better understand the CSS Flexbox Layout Module.
    enGradians and Turnovers: silent CSS heroes of corners
    envideoYour toolkit for creating CSS layouts in 2019 - report by Rachel Andrew
    enFirefox DevTools for those working with CSS
    enHoudini lesson: CSS drawing and variables


    habrJS-battle: how I wrote my eval ()
    habrMastering async / await with a real example
    How to work with monetary values ​​in JavaScript
    enWhy every new web application in PayPal starts with TypeScript
    enWhat's new in JavaScript for 2019
    enImmersion in javascript: how to create a Hex2RGB color converter
    enFinding the most repeating symbol


    habrThe story of one problem with the Speedometer, or How Chromium manages memory
    habrNot only uBlock Origin, but also other extensions will suffer from the new APIs in Chromium
    New edition of the Chrome manifest will make it impossible to use uBlock Origin
    The scrolling offset will be eliminated in Firefox 66 of images

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