Windows 8 interface slightly fixed

    After a public discussion, the developers decided to change the interface of Windows 8, according to the official blog. A significant role was played by the advice and opinions of users who expressed dissatisfaction with different parts of the UI, especially the rejection of the Start button.

    Lead developer Steven Sinofsky explained in detail what kind of adjustments will be made. Firstly, in App Screen, applications are now divided into groups, and not just in alphabetical order, and the density of information has been increased, so that more applications are placed on the screen. The Start button and menu will not be returned, this is a fundamental decision. Steven Sinofsky says that the user on average runs 57 different programs on his PC in a few months, and not more than twenty are placed in the old menu.

    If you use the full screen with a flat hierarchy, you can display more applications and make a more convenient interface. The advantages of the start-up screen over the old Start menu are especially evident when the screen size increases. For comparison, here are the number of programs that fit on the first page of the menu and on the first page of the start screen at different resolutions, according to Sinofsky.

    Form factorSize (inch)Resolution# Elements in Apps Screen# items in the menu
    A laptop12.11280x8003620
    Corporate customers will be able to customize the start screen to their taste, including removing the Games , Help & Support items from there and fixing more “required” applications, in accordance with the requests of their users. There will also be an opportunity to prevent users from making changes on this screen.

    Apparently, this is far from the end of the saga with the new design of Windows 8. Perhaps for the first time, Microsoft representatives openly discuss UI development with users and listen to feedback.

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