E-cat or energy revolution

    The energy catalyst of Andrea Rossi ( abbreviated E-Cat ), could be the opening of the century and a revolution in energy. A cheap source of energy based on cold nuclear fusion has been found that can significantly affect the cost of energy resources such as oil and gas.

    The principle of operation of E-Cat is deceptively simple: hydrogen passes through a special nickel-based catalyst in a container with a volume of about a liter, while enough energy is released to bring water to a boil.

    Andrea invited well-known journalists and physicists to the presentation, which took place on October 6. The report can be viewed here.. A small device that was demonstrated to the public is a portable reactor worth 500 euros, which will generate up to 30 kW of energy per day while consuming 1 kW (30: 1). According to the author, it is designed for round-the-clock operation and is recharged once every half a year. The author plans to produce 300 thousand such devices per year. The first devices will begin to appear on the market within a month.


    The first one megawatt power plant was assembled and delivered to a customer in the United States (see links at the end of the article), but according to the inventor, the deal fell through due to an amendment to the contract, which the customer insisted on and which Rossi could not agree to.

    Participants in the demonstration conducted by Andrea Rossi doubt the possibility of long-term operation of the reactor without a drop in its efficiency, although the inventor himself claims that these fears are untenable. The author himself does not disclose the details of the operation of the device, and the device’s presentations held by him are not scientific experiments, which is why many scientists are skeptical of Rossi’s stance and insist on additional independent examinations. The reluctance of the inventor to cooperate with large investors and companies also causes confusion.

    On September 7, the device was demonstrated to NASA specialists.

    Notes appeared in the Canadian press about the dangers of such a reactor in its home use, which are refuted by the inventor.

    I think that the special services of all countries of the world are put on full alert, if all the experiments conducted by Andrea Rossi are confirmed, the world that we know so far can change beyond recognition.

    Device demonstration

    Principle of operation

    One megawatt power plant in which the inventor combines 30 E-Cat

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    Presentation of the reactor on October 6
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