Radio Pianorama. To heaven in a week

    I suspect many of you were thinking of creating your own online radio station with preference and poetesses.
    But a few years ago, Internet radio was not so relevant, because unlimited Internet in the regions was not widespread and the channels were not the same.
    Now, in my opinion, Internet radio stations have a chance to even compete with analogue ones.

    So, a week ago, during the next blackout in our provincial city, I got the idea to create an Internet radio, on the air of which only piano music plays . I did not postpone the idea for a long time. On the same day I bought a cloud server with Windows. / do not throw stones, your whole life on * nix / The broadcast software has used the following:


    The music player is Winamp.
    Stream Generator - OddcastV2 DSP plugin.
    Server - Nullsoft SHOUTcast Server.
    Then, in a hurry, until there was no enthusiasm, he drew a simple site:
    And, finally, I decided to look at the reaction of people. Organized something like a virtual focus group.
    How? It's simple: 100 rubles for advertising on the social network VKontakte and analysis of the behavior of visitors.
    The results were surprising. About 15 people shared a link to the resource in their microblog and about 10 people listened to the radio for several hours!

    Next, I posted a link to the leprosy and reddit. And that’s it! Earned word of the radio :)

    On the fourth day, the design has been changed:

    Tomorrow is the anniversary of the project - it will be a week :) And, at the time of writing the post, 470 people on VKontakte, 730 people on Facebook and 140 people on Twitter shared a link to the project!

    Average listening time is 5 hours! / not counting connections less than a minute long /

    In the New Age section of the Shoutcast catalog, Pianorama radio stably stays on the first page.

    Applications for iPhone and Android are expected within a week.

    In general, this startup once again confirms mine, excuse me, vyser half a year ago .
    “Just launch, absorb criticism, improve. The main thing is the finished foundation. ”

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