Habra-informer v.0.1

    imageMost recently, I began work on a Habra-infororm , in order to conveniently monitor updates on the site and not be distracted once again.
    A number of works were carried out, in which it was implemented:
    - 3 threads (monitoring for new articles, for the sandbox and for QA).
    - Fixed a number of errors.
    - Now the script immediately displays the title, the number of comments and who left the topic.


    Download the application for Windows (Dependency libraries are packed in the archive)
    Download the application for Linux (compiled binary)
    Download the application for MAC OS X - ( Compiled AcidSlayer )
    Build for OS X 10.6+ - ( Compiled Amka )
    ARCH LINUX - (Organized by Alexandr Baev ) or #yaourt -S habratray Download Sources


    The work was also carried out further, thanks to the drawn design from AcidSlayer, we started work on the basis of a database (sqlite) and formatted using QML. But due to a number of reasons (the result led to inconvenience for users, for example, dependency on the declarative library), it was necessary not to use this solution in this intermediate version, but work was not stopped and ongoing in this direction.

    In future

    It remains in the plans:
    - Implementation in QML
    - Using the database
    - Authorization and opening functionality with it
    - improving tracking and notification of updates (not just new entries)
    - It was also suggested by users to implement broadcasting from the informer directly to the site (commenting, creation new articles, etc.) but this functionality is still in the plans.

    I will be glad for any advice, recommendations and ideas.

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