Good weekend post

    Not for advertising, I’m happy to share for telling you about the purchase of the Kindle.
    Somehow, unexpectedly, he brought a lot of pleasant moments.


    Like many Khabrovsk citizens, my desire to buy a reading room has long been growing. I read, not to say that a lot, but often: in transport, at lunch, before going to bed - 2-3 books a month in general. Paper ones are torn, worn out, heavy and it is inconvenient to carry more than one with you. In addition, I am not an esthete, and the rustling of paper and turning pages do not cause a seething excitement in me. So there were no special difficulties in solving it.
    It remains to make a choice. And now it is already quite extensive - every manufacturer respecting and disrespecting himself has thrown his devices onto the market. In the same CSN there were quite adequate things, like L-book, PocketBook, even 7-inch ones. But I wanted something like that. From a kind of Google and memory offered by Amazon Kindle and Sony.
    Doubting for a long time and choosing between two undeniably outstanding readers, I settled on Kindle. The deciding factor was the price and size of the display.
    I waited a long time for the price of readers to fall to $ 100, but did not wait a whole week.

    I ordered Kindle from the Amazon store for $ 139: with Wi-Fi, free 3G and advertising (without ads, it would have cost $ 50 more). To do this, for 2.5% (a little more than 150 rubles) I launched a virtual Qiwi card, which can be paid in online stores. Through Shipito delivered it to Russia. I was a little afraid, because I did it for the first time, but there were no problems.
    On September 23rd I made an order, on the 25th he was lying in a warehouse hissingly, on the 26th immediately after payment they sent him to Russia. Shipping cost me $ 45. Further, the parcel lay for a week at customs, and on the 5th day it was already at the post office of my city.
    And you know, completely safe, without bricks inside. Reading the horrors of our mail, frankly, I am at a loss: there have never been any problems how much I dealt with them. And people do not work hamly. Even in terms of all delay occurs at customs. 3 days, it seems, the parcel was in Russia.

    The device itself was extremely pleased with the assembly and display and functionality. Naturally, nothing creaks anywhere, until it falls off, does not puff - everything is neat. The display is bright and contrasting - e-Ink Perl steers - because of it I chose.



    Fiction is read perfectly, most formats are supported, if some are not supported or it is not very convenient to read them, that is, a free caliber converter, and you can also send the necessary document to your personal electric mail at, the converted message will be sent directly to the Kindle in mobi (native device format) file.


    As for pdfs, frankly, 15 cm is not very convenient even in landscape orientation - the text is small, and some pictures turn out to be torn into two pages.


    Conversion, on the other hand, turns a document into a clockwork arranged on shelves - everything is neat, nothing works. In general, there is no universal solution and it is necessary to customize each file individually.


    3G really works. Even in rather remote places you can check your mail and open a couple of pages, the browser is not very convenient, navigation is like in opera mini, but it is and it pleases.


    In addition, two English dictionaries are already built into the Kindle, and if a word is not clear in the text, you can hover over it and the meaning of this word will appear at the top or bottom of the page. True, it only works in English, of course. For me, reading mostly technical literature, this is very useful.


    It may also be useful to be able to reproduce text in voice. If for a document this is possible and not forbidden by the author, then any text (it seems, also only in English) can be read by the person built into the Kindle. So far I have not seriously tested it, but it can help to learn English (as a first step).

    Playing music is in the experimental section.not at all in vain. There is no playlist or general track information. Something like iPod Shuffle, but no buttons. And this despite the fact that the built-in speakers produce a completely high-quality sound, and plays what is needed in the headphones. I would not refuse the opportunity to listen to music from him, despite the cries of others that this is a “reader and this is not necessary from her.” Previously, they talked about phones.

    And yes, by the way, the device came to me not as an advertisement, but as a full-fledged one - different beautiful pictures are shown in the screensaver, and banners are not displayed in the main menu.

    But my wife was offended that I took photographs in all aspects of the Kindle, but I did not want her:


    The only thing that caused inconvenience at first was that I bought it for $ 140 with a stupid keyboard and no touch screen, and literally a week later Kindle Touch appeared, devoid of these “shortcomings” for $ 100. But the rat ate me only a couple of days. After I used my reader, I realized that in general, she did not need a touch display - unless surfing the Internet would be easier.

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