TeraPay E-Commerce Forum

    imageTypically, beginning entrepreneurs lack professional advice on starting and developing their own business. You can, of course, turn to a lawyer or to some special office where you will have to pay a considerable amount for the consultation. But now such help can be obtained for free.

    Not so long ago, Tera Holding launched a new project - the TeraPay e-commerce forum. It works on the popular phpBB engine.
    The forum is intended for everyone who wants to do business or is already doing their business on the Internet or offline.

    When developing the forum, we understood that we need to seriously interest visitors, which is why we decided to help businessmen with expert advice.

    So, the main advantage of our forum is the free consultation of specialists:
    - on legal issues
    - on bookkeeping
    - on the marketing side
    - on creating a website for a business
    - on automating business processes and management.

    In addition, the forum provides sections in which you can find partners and investors both in the regions and at the international level.

    And in the section “Subject articles” you can find a lot of information useful for individual entrepreneurs and organizations (reference books, legislative framework, lectures on accounting and 1C: accounting).

    If you have questions on the indicated topics, come to us. We think that for many this resource will be really useful. We will be glad to guests and new forum users.

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