Consulting and technical support

    Hello, Habr!

    It just so happened that our clients really like to talk with our specialists, ask questions, ask about our services, services, etc. We try not to miss a single question, answer as quickly as possible, informatively and clearly, especially since we ourselves love to answer questions from our customers.

    So, in this article we will tell you about what means we use to communicate with customers! Phone 222-22-22 or just “seven deuces”. Yes, this is our easy-to-remember Yekaterinburg telephone, which you can call around the clock on any matter you are interested in. There is also a hotline, which is also not complicated 8 800 2000 024, by the way, around the clock, and also free of charge from any telephone sets. Online consultant

    We have been using this service since November 2007. It is a product of our programmers. Any person can use it by clicking on the “Online Consultant” button on the main page of our website. Up to 200 calls are received per day.

    Its interface is divided into 5 parts:
    1. The first part displays the photo and name of the consultant with whom you are communicating
    2. The second part is the reference. It has two links: tariffs for private clients and ask a question to a specialist. By clicking on them, you find yourself in the appropriate section on the bank's website
    3. The third part - a field for entering your text, limited to 250 characters
    4. The fourth part - the history of the correspondence of you and the consultant
    5. Fifth and last but not least field - Evaluation of consultant responses. It is very important for us to know how our specialists work, how accurately they were able to convey the necessary information to the person, how correctly they answered the question and solved the problem, whether the client left them satisfied. You can choose between “Excellent”, “Good”, “Satisfactory” and “Poor”

    The history of the correspondence, your assessment, the name of the consultant and other parameters fall into a special database that allows you to keep a variety of statistics, to identify where the consultant made a mistake in communication and vice versa, where he did well.


    Skype is now very popular. Ease of use, accessibility and favorable terms of use distinguish it from other means of communication. People just talk to each other using it. We thought, “Why don't customers just chat with us as well?”

    If you want to call us on Skype and chat with our experts (by the way, one of them is in the photo), use the button with the Skype logo on the main page of our website.

    Using Skype technology is very convenient in communicating with customers. We can do much more for you using them.

    Chat and eye contact have long been integrated into our lives, but there are more interesting possibilities.

    It is possible to transfer files to each other, which will provide a higher speed of filling out bank documents with the help of a Bank consultant.

    Demonstration of the desktop allows you to more accurately identify and formulate your problem, as well as show its solution.

    Online consultant and Skype are available directly from our website

    Ordering a call back

    If it’s more convenient for you to have a bank specialist call you back, you can fill out the form on the Bank’s website.

    This form arrives at our contact center, it is processed by specialists and they call you back with an already resolved problem or answer to the question that you described.

    Consultations in social networks

    Our Bank advises clients on social networks. We are Vkontakte , Facebook , Twitter , Classmates .

    You can use the Online Consultant and Skype support on our Vkontakte pages and on Facebook.

    There you can find out about our news, corporate life, see pictures from corporate parties and much more.

    PS All the girls in the photo are real and work in our contact center.

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