Runet 2 and ½ antipremy: Do you have good traffic? Be our info sponsor!

    Not even a week has passed, as I write in Habr again. But there are reasons for this: who else but the Khabrovites will be interested in this information!

    The Runet Anti-Prize site was launched just a week ago, and the news about it was published on only a few resources - here, on Habré, and some regional forums. Nevertheless, dozens of proposals for information sponsorship have already begun to arrive on the e-mail of the organizing committee.

    “We,” writes the average addressee, “are such and such a site from such and such a city, and we really want to write about you. Your project is so wonderful that we are even ready to make a redesign of the site in the style of Anti-Prize. Just take us to our information partners and don’t throw us into the thorn bush. ”

    It’s more or less clear what to do with large resources: we discuss the details, beat hands, and now we already have a good, big info sponsor. So, for example, happened last Friday with the young, but already very popular site .

    But what to do with smaller sites that read 1,000, or even fewer people a day? Organizers of large events usually do not pay attention to sponsorship offers from such sites. “Here's another,” they snort, “we'll be messing around here.”

    But we, the organizing committee of the Runet Anti-Prize, are not like that. We are good. We are interested in messing around with small but interesting projects.

    We thought and came to the conclusion that from now on we will agree to offers from everyone whose attendance is above 500 people (and who does not violate the legislation of the Russian Federation, of course). This figure is not accidental: we conscientiously googled it in Yandex. Recent studies show that exactly 500 people a day - the average traffic to a site on the Internet.

    So from today, the owner or editor of any site that meets the specified characteristics (does not violate the law; attendance is more than 500 hosts per day) can send its offer to us at, we will check everything and agree on the details.

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