September issue of UserAndLINUX magazine released

    The topic of the issue is Education.

    In the issue you will find: Education - the possibilities of its existence in the world of open source software, tips and practical recommendations for switching to Linux, comparative characteristics and methodological guidelines for choosing software for both preschool children and scientific activities of teachers, learning experience at school on computers with preinstalled Linux OS.

    Among the author's articles:
    • Features of the choice of educational programs for children (Nadezhda Kozachenko)
    • Linux for children: educational programs and complexes (Igor Shtompel)
    • ALT_shkola: six months together (Alexander Zinin)
    • Alt Linux: Give me five! (Dmitry Kaglik)
    • Choosing an OS for school computers with a minimal configuration. Crash test: Alt Linux Desktop 5 KDE vs Windows 7 on Celeron-III (Adapted by Dmitry Kaglik)
    • We transfer a computer class to Linux in 3 days (Sergey Afonin)
    • LLC "UALINUKS" presents an office suite for Ukrainian enterprises and organizations of all profiles: from Infra-Resource (Alexey Kharlamenkov)
    • iceB - bookkeeping is easy! Exclusive interview with project founders Alexander and Andrei Belykh
    • ESET NOD32 Antivirus 4 Product for Linux

    PDF to download - 50 pages, 4.9Mb
    You can read more about the release here (rus)

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