And again Good Modding,% username%!


    Modding was and remains the destiny of lovers of beauty. Fortunately, Dima Kadyrov and Dima Karmanov are still keen on what they love and have prepared another gift for everyone who is unevenly breathing to plexiglass and beautiful buildings.

    This time, the guys assembled a desktop in automotive topics - the case is covered with carbon film, the CPU has a huge cooler in the form of a V-shaped engine, the computer boasts powerful filling and internal diodes shining from the light. Surely many of you will recognize some of the glands used in the assembly - this computer can break all records not only in terms of appearance, but also in performance.

    By the way, a little about accessories: the case, which was cut before your eyes, is called Antec Three Hundred Black; the video card used in this monster is Radeon HD6990, and the processor is of course Core i7 , if you want to achieve the best results in computer games.

    You might be surprised why they didn’t put water on a more powerful machine compared to the previous release, but left air cooling - apparently, after choosing expensive parts, the modders decided to concentrate entirely on fine-tuning the visual part of the future computer.

    Finally, after several tens of hours spent with a drill and a drill, glue and a screwdriver in hand, another achievement of computer art was born. Where this system unit will show off is still unknown, but it is quite possible that it will become one of the prizes in Intel competitions. For now, it remains only to wait for the next series of an excellent program about modding and hope that both Dima will show a real sweetie. Personally, I really want to give some kind of laptop into their caring hands and see what happens to him :)

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