In October, an updated Wii will appear

    So far, this is not Wii U, which many gamers are likely to expect. No, it's just a Wii with an updated design and functionality. As you can see, the console body is greatly changed, in particular, the console will now be placed horizontally on the surface. The update also applies to functionality, and not for the better. So, the updated Wii will be deprived of GameCube support (four GameCube ports have been removed, there will be no possibility to use memory cards. The

    updated version of the console is called “Family Edition.” The device comes with Wii Sports, Wii Party and A Wii RemotePlus, which is very good It is interesting that the Family Edition is intended primarily for Europe, where this console will appear on the eve of Catholic Christmas. In other regions, the appearance of this device is still in question.

    Nintendo also reports that the cost of Family Edition without GameCube support will be lower than the price of a regular Wii. It is not yet clear why manufacturers changed the design of the device - although, perhaps, this was done to make Wii U, the next generation gaming console, which will appear in 2012 more recognizable. Wii U will also be placed horizontally rather than vertically, and the Wii U design is similar to the Wii “Family Edition” design.

    Perhaps Nintendo decided to get rid of the remnants of Wii in anticipation of Wii U plus make the design of the new game console recognizable even before it appears on store shelves? Maybe you are right. In any case, we can expect that before Christmas they will buy an updated Wii.

    Via Dvice

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