Online game based on real estate data

    What was first?
    There were initial development of apartment assessment models. They consisted in deriving a certain formula into which you enter the parameters known to everyone, and the cost is calculated. Such 10 years were developed and in no way found practical application. And articles were written scientific and all in vain.
    Then there was another regular diploma on this subject, and it seemed to be in vain, too, and history could end on this or continue with a description of scientific activity, if it were not for a coincidence! The author of the diploma was lucky to get into an organization that conducts a mass assessment of real estate in Russia and find out how all this is calculated by the state. The arrogant author dreams of fame, he begins to offer his models, his own designs, to which the author is told that we already have everything, this is not discussed correctly.
    Then the author begins to give up and forget about the thought of the practical application of research. And a miracle happens, the author meets a person with a thousand ideas in his head. They decide to come up with an alternative to what the system came up with - simple and intuitive for everyone. The alternative is to create a virtual world similar to the real one in real estate. We decided to create an online game in which users will sell-buy apartments based on the real market and real prices. And the prices will be calculated just according to the models mentioned at the beginning.

    Why will it be interesting?
    1. A person always wants to know how much his current or future apartment costs - so why should he climb all the sites with ads, figure something out when you can score known parameters and get the price.
    2. A person always wants to know what could have happened if he had done such and such a thing once in the distant past. The game can give an answer to this question, though not immediately - you buy a virtual apartment and look at what would happen to the price in a month or six months and rejoice at the right decision. Of course, it is possible that then a person would think that it was nevertheless necessary to buy then not a virtual, but a real apartment, he would be a millionaire now, but one can also find advantages in this - a person learning to trust his intuition.

    What is the game based on?
    1. We collect a database from all available open online sources daily, because Market prices may change daily (especially during the season).
    2. Based on the obtained database, the models for estimating the cost are updated in the game, significant and insignificant parameters are revealed.
    3. Users sell and buy virtual real estate, equip it.

    How do we want to make money on it?
    1. Sell the search engine and database creation system itself to analysts who now collect databases manually.
    2. Sell virtual money and bonuses in an online game. They provide additional opportunities for development in the virtual market. The main operations (purchase, sale, rental) are available with initial capital (equal to the average salary for the year in the city). Additional operations (available upon subscription) are:
    operations with commercial real estate, equipping offices and apartments, repairs aimed at improving the apartment / office and subsequent sale for a higher price.
    3. Providing real firms with virtual stores where you can buy tools to improve real estate. That is, the user, in addition to buying apartments at real prices, can buy interior items or make repairs with materials whose prices are taken from specific stores in the city. People get virtual reality, sellers get advertising, we get a little money.

    "Yes, you will not succeed."
    He who does nothing is not mistaken. The project with the appraisal of apartments is clear to us now, because we have been dealing with the topic for a long time, if you wish, it can be redone and finished to fit the needs of the market. We do not count on quick results, we are ready for a long-term project that will change for the needs of people.

    Glad reviews, comments and ANY criticism

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