Explosive Friday and Social App per Day

    We invite developers to our Social App per Day. In a day and a half you will need to create an interesting application for any of the existing social networks. The winner will receive a useful and valuable prize. The competition starts this Friday at 19.00 at 49 Kronverksky, building of St. Petersburg State University
    ITMO, SumIT.

    Presentation of projects and summing up will be held in New Holland at Geek Picnic on Saturday evening, August 6th.
    Registration is required . You can find additional information there.

    But that is not all! On Friday evening, there will be a competition for startup leaders - they will be able to measure strength, dexterity and accuracy with colleagues on the Xbox console and in air hockey. The winner will receive a valuable prize.
    Hurry up to register , the number of seats is limited !

    And some information for those who still do not have a team, ideas for a startup or have the opportunity to take on some other project. The mentors of the SumIT marathon on Friday night will choose the 5 best (in their professional opinion) ideas, from those that were proposed on our website in the sumit.ru/ideas section and take personal patronage of the team that will take over the development.

    Attention! For authors of ideas, this event increases the chance to win an iPad. For teams - a chance to go to Silicon Valley for an internship.

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