Twitter is estimated at 7 billion US dollars

    Perhaps the truth is told by those experts who believe that we are now growing a new “bubble”, since the value of many Internet companies is growing by leaps and bounds. Moreover, the growth in value is not always due to real factors. In the case of Twitter, it is difficult to say whether it is a bubble or not - nevertheless, the popularity of the service is growing, there are more users, and it is clear that the company's value is also increasing. According to The Wall Street Journal, this figure has doubled over the past 7 months.

    Last December, Twitter was valued at $ 3.7 billion, and now its value has "grown" to 7 billion. What is the reason for this growth? It is likely that the management of this resource had a clear plan for its monetization - and most recently, nobody was engaged in monetizing Twitter. Now the company has several ways to get money, including advertising tweets and trends.

    More recently, eMarketer experts have estimated Twitter revenue this year from advertising to $ 150 million. And, it seems, this is really a real forecast. The fact is that within a month and a half Twitter will launch a new advertising service for small businesses, where companies will be able to publish prepaid tweets that will be displayed to users. In this case, advertising will be relevant to the interests of the user.

    It is worth noting that already now the company is working with several hundred advertisers, and their number continues to increase. In general, the announcement of a new monetization program served as the “leaven” that provided a new increase in the value of the company itself. Let's hope that this estimate - 7 billion, is quite real.

    Via Mashable

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