Box of floppy disks

    Greetings, habrozhiteli.

    The other day, my soulmate had a birthday and, of course, I thought in advance what to give her such a gift. Since she is a creative person, I also decided to approach the choice of a gift creatively: “After all, we IT people are also creative people, and the best gift is a handmade gift. So it's time to stretch your fingers. ”With such thoughts, I got down to business.

    To make the idea, I needed 26 floppy disks, clamps, a knife, scissors, pliers and super-glue (it is better to use a super-moment gel). For starters, I glued the floppy disks with super-glue. I waited until the glue dries well. Then he pulled the floppy disks with clamps. First, the "frame" of the box-box was assembled. To tighten the clamps as much as possible, I used pliers: they rested against the “head” of the clamp, and with my other hand pulled the “tail”. Bottom. After assembling the "frame", glued the wall. Next, I pulled the wall clamps and glued the hinges on the back wall. Unfortunately, I could not find a smaller one, although it does not look bad anyway. Also, I could not yet find the suitable bolt-nuts, so the hinges are kept only on super-glue; I'll screw them later.

    The lid was also glued first. And then it is pulled together by collars. And glued to the hinges. Back view. And this is how the box looks on the table :) To add romance to the gift, I filled the box with sweets and nuts. And at the bottom I hid it ... ... a hard drive so that my friend had a place to do backups :) PS: My soulmate was delighted with the gift, which I am very happy :)

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