How to turn off face recognition in other people's photos

    Many complain that Facebook has independently activated the face recognition feature for users on photos. This is not the first time that Facebook has enabled the “silent” feature, simply adding it to the list of allowed options in the privacy settings. That is, they are added to the section where the user himself checked the box before.

    Face recognition function appeared on December 15, 2010 for a limited number of users, and on June 7, 2011 it was turned on for almost everyone under the guise of Tag Suggestions. In the press, a steady noise has risen about this, although a similar function has been working for several years in Google Picasa, Apple iPhoto and Windows Live Photo Gallery, as well as in video surveillance systemson the streets of many major cities.

    Previously, this technology was available only to special services, but now it has gone to the masses. According to Tim O'Reilly , this is good news. Since there is no escape from technological progress, the question is the competent implementation of these “dangerous” technologies, and here Facebook was on top.

    The reproaches to Facebook are partly true, but if you look at the mechanism of face recognition, then there is nothing so terrible and violating someone’s privacy.

    Face recognition works as follows: when a user uploads a bunch of photos, the program finds all faces and compares them with the faces of his friends. If a match is found, then he is invited to mark all the photos with one click.

    Every day, Facebook users put about 100 million tags for photos, so the automation of this process is quite logical.

    Moreover, the feature itself can even be turned off, although this possibility might not have been, because turning it off, you worsen the functionality of the web application for other users who are trying to label their photos . Even if your face is there, but you obviously gave permission to shoot (since you are in the frame and added the author of the pictures to your friends) and these are still their photographs. It would seem that they can do anything with their photos - but no.

    We emphasize once again that face recognition only works for those people who are already friends with the author of the photo.

    However, if you still want to make it difficult for friends to tag photos, you can prevent your face recognition. Go to Account → Privacy Settings → Customize settings (“Change settings” link in the bottom middle of the screen) → in the “Things others share” section, find the “Suggest photos of me to friends” option "(Invite friends to tag me in photos). Click “Edit Settings”, and then “Disabled” → “OK”.

    If after that you are still unsatisfied with Facebook’s privacy policy, you can join the open letter to Facebook from Sophos, an information security company.

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