Google is negotiating the purchase of AdMeld

    Google is at the final stage of negotiations (according to some sources, the deal has already been concluded) on the purchase of AdMeld, which is engaged in optimizing advertising campaigns for its customers. Thus, the AdMeld platform allows an advertising buyer to launch an advertising campaign with a minimum price. The AdMeld office is located in New York, and the company itself was founded back in 2007.

    Since then, AdMeld experts have been helping advertisers choose the ad network that is best suited to the needs of a particular company, with further advertising on the selected network. Google is ready to pay a considerable amount for the AdMeld platform - about $ 400 million.

    By acquiring AdMeld, Google will strengthen its presence in those areas of advertising where Google has not yet worked, or almost did not work. True, this deal may cause dissatisfaction with antitrust monitors in the United States, because by acquiring AdMeld, Google becomes the dominant force in the field of online advertising.

    Despite the fact that many sources, including the tech blog TechCrunch, confirm the transaction, Google has so far refused to comment on anything. Company officials say they will not comment on the rumors. In principle, it’s right - when the deal is really completed, then we can talk about it.

    Via CNET

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