Runet Today, May 30, 2011. Expert Advisor: Maxim Medvedev

    At Finam FM studio - Maxim Medvedev, co-founder and partner of the AddVenture fund. Together with Maxim Spiridonov, they discuss the lawsuit of Aeroflot against Artemy Lebedev, the launch of a file-sharing service on the VKontakte social network, a sharp increase in the price of advertising services by, the opening of another investment fund by Yuri Milner, the purchase of a stake in the business network Professionals .ru "by foreign investors and finally the IPO of Yandex.

    1. Aeroflot intends to prosecute Artemy Lebedev, the owner of a design studio and the author of a popular blog. At the beginning of September last year, Mr. Lebedev published in his LiveJournal an image of a naked woman with the Aeroflot logo and an obscene signature as a sign of dissatisfaction with the airline: its cashier sold him a ticket after stopping registration for the flight. The money, according to the blogger, was stolen from him, and this statement also served as the basis for the lawsuit. About half a month after publication, Aeroflot returned to the client the amount for which he had not received the service. Mr. Lebedev himself does not agree with the claims.

    - What will result in the legal confrontation of Artemy Lebedev and Aeroflot?
    - Maxim Medvedev: “PR Aeroflot is losing here. Because such feedback from the client, behind which there are tens of thousands of fans, it made sense to use to improve the service. "
    - How successfully do large companies interact with customers in the digital space?

    2. The social network "VKontakte" has introduced file sharing functions. Its users got the opportunity to store documents of common formats in a special section, to place them at each other's “walls” and in private messages. During the working week, the service became available to all members of the social network. According to the press service of VKontakte, the reason for such a hurry is the desire to give students a convenient tool on the eve of the test week.

    - What determines the innovation policy in VKontakte?
    - Maxim Medvedev: “Internet is being formed on the Internet” so that people have no motive to leave VKontakte. ”
    - Additional functions of VKontakte as a result of its whitening.
    - How many “VKontakte” active users?

    3. On June 1, the cost of a thousand banner impressions on the portal home page will double, Vedomosti writes. With a bulk purchase, it will be 150 rubles. Rates for advertising in the "Mail" section will rise by 20%, in the "Maps" section - by 30%, in the Odnoklassniki social network - 30-40%.

    - Higher advertising prices - a sign of overall business growth in RuNet?
    - Maxim Medvedev: “The motives for increasing prices are dictated, on the one hand, by the fact that the Group has entered the IPO and its strategy is to monetize traffic, and on the other hand, by the fact that they are selling up space well.”
    - Advertising automation systems in Runet and their prospects.
    - What other major portals and services of the Russian Internet could now significantly increase the prices for advertising services?

    4. Yuri Milner established the DST China fund. As the name of the structure implies, it will deal with investments in the Chinese market. The fund also accumulated funds of American investors in the amount of at least $ 70 million, writes the business publication Marker. What kind of projects DST China is ready to finance has not yet been specified.

    - Maxim Medvedev: “We see a revival at all stages of investing in the Internet,” “China is the largest market in terms of consumer web, its choice is justified.”
    - In which Chinese projects could DST China invest?
    - Features of investment in the Chinese market.
    - Will DST have enough qualified internal staff for new funds?

    5. The British private equity fund Open Capital has agreed to acquire a minority stake in the professional social network A block of shares will be bought for $ 2.5 million. The total cost of the project is expressed, according to the parties to the transaction, a double-digit number in millions of dollars, CNews reports. As noted by the CEO of the company Dmitry Sitnikov, investments will go primarily to the development of b2b services, online directions
    recruiting and content component.

    - the history of the project and its current market position.
    - Why will be difficult to develop further?
    Maxim Medvedev: “From the point of view of investments, I can’t say that this is a good investment.”
    - Difficulties in monetizing business social networks.

    6. On Tuesday, May 24, the IPO of Yandex was held on the NASDAQ exchange. She put up 16.3% of her shares for sale. On the first day of trading, they rose by 55.36% - to $ 38.84 per paper. By the end of Wednesday, Yandex quotes fell, and the total value of the company decreased to $ 11.3 billion, with an estimate of $ 8.031 billion at the time of the placement of shares.

    - How did Yandex go to IPO?
    - What purchases can Yandex make with the proceeds?
    - Maxim Medvedev: “Yandex’s focus will be directed outside Russia.”
    - Will the capitalization of Yandex decrease in the foreseeable future, and if so, by how much?
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