World! #Workle! May!

    In our previous article, we promised to talk about the May Day flash mob conducted by Workle. We keep the promise.

    About event


    On May 1, in the Sokolniki park, we held the event “Peace! #Workle! May! ”Dedicated to the Labor Day and online work. About 500 people took part in it. The main attraction of the event was a simple but fun quest - to find Workle mice hidden in the park and exchange them for prizes. In addition, there was a festive parade, and absurd banners, a film crew of Channel One, and even a live boa constrictor :)

    Read more in the video review of one of the participants in the event:

    Contest of articles and reviews

    Also, along with “Peace! #Workle! May! ”We launched the site . On it everyone can post a review of the event or an article about online work, and win various prizes (from webcams to iPad). Now the site is actively fighting for first place, and anyone can take part in it. Voting is carried out using "likes" of social networks.



    Returning to the previous article , we would like to say " Thank you ." Thanks to those who pointed out our mistakes and those who sincerely wished our project success. Thanks to all those who simply registered for the project and started to do something. You remind us that we are doing the right thing :)

    UPD: Added an additional 500 invites to .

    Workle on Facebook .

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