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    Good day, the Guardian!

    Not so long ago, on the same blog, Hombrelumbre published an article about his startup - Image Hosting .
    Many of you appreciated it for its simplicity and convenience, some thought or even said out loud: "Another ordinary image hosting, only without ads ... and then for now."

    Personally, this new service, devoid of any annoying advertising and armed with a neat interface, prompted me to write a desktop client taking into account all that I and probably all the others lacked in such services. If you specify:
    • Quick and easy adding and uploading images
    • The ability to view and, if necessary, delete your images posted on the service
    • Ability to synchronize images between different machines
    • No extra fuss with settings and little things without an urgent need
    • A neat and convenient interface that allows you to quickly perform the necessary operations
    • Some additional features that eliminate the need to use third-party software (within reasonable limits, of course)

    So, after a short discussion of this idea with the owner of the hosting, we agreed and for a couple of days off (and several sleepless nights), not without the help of Hombrelumbre and his brother, he threw an addition to the resource for simple and quick uploading of images to Image Hosting ...

    Meet - HK Uploader

    Unlike a site, to use the application, registration is required, which, however, can be done in seconds right there. It is needed for the correct connection of your images with the account on the site.

    Immediately after registration, you can get down to business, or rather download images:

    The main part of the application is occupied by the workspace, where you can view / download / get codes / delete previously added images, as well as add new ones.

    Tools for mass operations and adding new images are present on the toolbar from above:

    The lower toolbar displays the number of available “slots” of downloads at the moment, the account under which you are authorized, the ability to change it and synchronize the list of images with the server, as well as some controls for adjusting the type of previews:

    Functionality / Pluses of the application:

    1. Possibility of quick drag / insertion of any content with images onto an area
    You can insert / drop onto an area:
    - One or more images from the file system
    - Folders with images (searches can also be performed in subfolders)
    - U RL images
    - Images directly from the browser
    - Part of the contents of pages from the browser with images
    - The images themselves or part of them (for example, from the image editor)
    and several other options.
    If necessary, the opportunities will expand - write what is missing - add

    2. Synchronization of downloaded images
    It doesn’t matter whether you downloaded images through a browser or through an application, it doesn’t matter on which computer / OS what you did, if you downloaded them under your account - they will always be available both on the site and in the application.

    3. Support for the most common formats
    . Currently supported: png, jpg, jpeg, gif, bmp.
    BMP when it is downloaded to the application is automatically converted to PNG for compactness, saving traffic when downloading and the ability to view the downloaded version in a browser.
    In the future, most likely the list will be replenished: psd, tiff, apng, agif, ico and some others.

    4. Screenshot-cutting tool
    It works quite simply and clearly: it is called by Ctrl + I (by default) or from the toolbar / application menu: Just select any area on the screen and then press “Enter” to save the screenshot: Image received it will be immediately saved and when autoload is turned on - it is immediately uploaded to the server: 5. Gallery of added images Allows you to quickly receive codes, upload, view or delete images: In the future, you will be able to structure and sort stored images 6. Minimize to tray The application can be minimized to tray to save space on the taskbar: 7. Customizable global hot keys

    To quickly insert, open an application, create screenshots and open a dropbox:

    8. Quickly obtain codes of
    Individual uploaded images:

    Several images individually:

    or together:

    9. Built-in image viewer
    Allows you to view local and downloaded images without leaving the application (in the absence of a local version images it is loaded from the hosting):

    In the future, a small set of tools for image editing may appear

    10. Automatically save settings and cache data x
    Any of your settings are automatically saved when changing - there is no need to worry about anything again. Also, the data on the downloaded images are cached on the local computer and do not waste traffic and do not load hosting again.
    In the future, it is also expected to synchronize all settings between computers

    11. Cross-platform The
    application is written in Java using some native libraries (SWT, JIntelliType, etc.), without which it would not be possible to implement all that I wanted to add.
    Currently available for Windows (32 / 64bit) and Linux (32 / 64bit).
    An updated version for Mac OS X will appear soon. Also in the future, this list will be updated with more specific operating systems.

    12. Availability
    It is possible to download many different versions from the site - from full-fledged installers with JRE enabled to bare launch stand-alone jars for various OSs.

    For those who do not like to follow the links:

    Windows 32-bit
    Windows 64-bit

    Linux 32-bit
    Linux 64-bit

    The site also contains some other versions ...

    In conclusion, I would like to say ...

    Many thanks to Hombrelumbre and his brother for approving my project and contributing to its implementation!

    I hope that the functionality of the application (or at least part of it) will be useful to you, and that apart from the unsightly name of the application (damn it, we could not get the creative out of us!) Nothing will cause negative feelings :)

    We are not going to dwell on the current versions and we will certainly continue to maintain and improve it, so I will be glad to hear questions, any constructive criticism and comments on the topic.

    PS In the near future (from more or less large things):
    • Gallery Structuring and Sorting Features
    • Plugins for famous browsers
    • Gallery export / import or synchronization through the service
    • More different settings and customization options for the interface
    • Some Linux improvements and MacOS version of the application
    • Multilingual support
    • A small manual for the application (probably on the site)

    And some other nice little things!

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