"Runet Rating" published a CMS rating for 2010

    The Runet Rating project has released a fresh rating of the best CMS on which professional web studios in Russia and the CIS countries develop websites. Compared to last year, the position of software products in the ratings changed slightly.

    Traditionally, the rating of site management systems is divided into three parts: commercial (or “boxed”) products, free-distributed developments and studio CMS, used only by a narrow circle of developers. The Runet Rating also conducts a separate ranking of the popularity of CMS for the main types of sites: corporate, promotional, online stores, social networks, blogs, portals and services.

    Recall that only those management systems that implement at least 30 Internet projects are involved in the ranking. And when calculating, only those sites that web studios enter through their "My Account" on the project are taken into account, indicating which CMS the Internet resource was developed on. All the data on the basis of which the CMS rating is based has been tested by a robot developed by the Proactivity Group, according to the so-called “fingerprints” of CMS - signs that clearly confirm the presence of a certain management system on the site.


    In the ranking of commercial CMS, the first two lines of the rating are firmly held by 1C-Bitrix and NetCat. But the growth rates of these two systems are uneven: while at 1C-Bitrix the number of existing projects increased by almost 700, the NetCat result improved by only 43 sites.

    There are many changes in the second tier of commercial CMS. The most impressive numbers are HostCMS and Amiro.CMS. The HostCMS system rose from fourth place in the ranking to third, adding almost 300 sites, primarily online stores and blogs, to its weight. Amiro.CMS grew by 3 positions due to more than 400 new projects and moved up to 5th line, having shifted the S.Builder system from BINN. In turn, S. Builder compensated for this lagging growth in the CMS niche for portals and services.

    The newcomers to the ranking of commercial systems are Diafan.CMS, a relatively inexpensive and young “engine”, and webAsyst, positioned as a specialized platform for an online store. In distribution, both CMS rely on a base of small companies: design studios and freelancers. Finally, Twilight CMS is not involved in the Runet Rating of 2010, since the studios working with it have not added a sufficient number of new projects.

    Full list of boxed CMS: www.ratingruneta.ru/cms/commercial


    For free CMS, the big news of the year is the skyrocketing popularity of WordPress. Having gained wide popularity as a blogging platform, WordPress CMS has been used to create corporate websites, promotional pages and even online stores. Against this background, Typo3, a more complex CMS, sharpened for corporate sites and business processes, lost two positions and moved to fifth place in the ranking. The two top lines among the freeware systems remain for CMS Joomla and Drupal, familiar to professional developers throughout Russia.

    A detailed list of freely distributed CMS: www.ratingruneta.ru/cms/opensource

    The results of the "Runet Rating" are based on data provided by web developers from all regions of Russia and neighboring countries. Each year, the base increases by several thousand sites.

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