ResellerClub transfers user accounts to

    In the early morning I received this letter:

    Dear customer,
    We transfer your Personal Account and Domain Names to on May 23, 2011. is one of our largest and most reliable trading partners, which focuses on the most convenient terms of service and services for end consumers.
    We understand that, despite our strong desire to be the best Wholesale Registrar, we cannot provide you with the service and support that meets your requirements. We hope that through this movement, you will receive the necessary support and services that can only be provided by a trademark that focuses on end consumers.
    Information about
    REG.RU is one of the largest accredited Domain Registrars in Russia and the CIS. The company offers registration in Russian national zones. RF / .RU / .SU, as well as in more than 150 international zones and gTLD zones.
    Today, the company serves more than 850,000 domain names and more than 300,000 customers, every third domain in Russia is registered in REG.RU.
    The company offers various types of services, such as: hosting, VPS, mail, premium domains, registration of remote and expiring domain names, legal services and more than 50 other types of services. The company has 7 offices: in Russia and Ukraine, and this year 2 more offices are opening in Astana and Minsk.

    As I understand it - this applies to former estdomains customers. For me, this move at least means another increase in the price of registration / renewal of domains. ((

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