Game Civilization World: multiplayer for up to 200 people

    One of the most popular strategies in the history of mankind will soon gain a second life. Sid Meyer, in an interview with CNN, said how much he attaches to the development of the Civilization World game, which will be released this summer on Facebook.

    Civilization World supports multiplayer mode with up to 200 players. This is the most natural format for Facebook, because every registered user there already has a circle of friends from several hundred people. The game will not be endless, it will have a beginning and an end, after which you can start again on a new map.

    Since players cannot be constantly online, but the game must be synchronized for everyone, it was necessary to develop special methods of communication and message passing. In fact, this led to a fundamental change in game mechanics, so the Facebook version will clearly differ from the usual client.

    The appearance of the game will also change, developers are now experimenting with Flash and different browsers.

    The 2K Games website used to have a registration form for participating in closed beta testing. Small format alpha testing has been underway since January 12, 2011.

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