Thinstuff Summer of Code 2011

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imageFreeRDP was not accepted at Google Summer of Code 2011, although we really wanted it. Thinstuff , one of the FreeRDP sponsors, decided that it would be great to organize a similar event: Thinstuff Summer of Code 2011.

Unlike GSoC, TSoC is open to all, not just students. We have many functions that need to be implemented, and we are well-off to pay the developers. This event is aimed at the interaction of companies interested in the development of the authors of FreeRDP with students or consultants, interested in paid work on FreeRDP. Although this event is formally hosted by Thinstuff, other companies may join as sponsors as well as become sponsors.

More information about the tasks that are waiting to be sponsored is available on our Thinstuff Summer of Code 2011 wiki page . Companies interested in sponsoring FreeRDP development can add their own tasks there along with contact information.

We wish you all the best of luck and hope you enjoy the Thinstuff Summer of Code 2011 :)

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