Using Google Analytics in Email Newsletters

    Google Analytics is a great tool for web analytics, with which you can monitor important performance indicators of your site.

    However, few people know that Google Analytics can be used for e-mail newsletters, including in order to determine the ROI, the number of clicks from the newsletter, the number of goals achieved. In our UniSender mailing service, we made it as convenient as possible.

    How it's done

    Technically, this is done very simply, but one condition is put forward for mailing - it must be in HTML form, otherwise it will not be possible to change the link codes.

    And there is one more point - you can’t calculate the number of openings of letters by inserting standard JavaScript code from Google Analytics into them. This is because scripts do not work in 99.9% of email programs. However, it is still possible to approximately calculate the number of discoveries, but more on that at the very end.

    So, in order to count the subscribers who came to your site from the e-mail newsletter, you need to add certain standard parameters to all links. This can be done using the link builder from Google. At the same time, the links change appearance as follows:

    It was:

    It became:

    These parameters should be added to all links, click throughs of which should be recorded and taken into account when analyzing traffic. Parameters indicate the following:

    utm_sourceDefines the source of the advertising campaign. For example, Google, Yandex, Begun, UniSender, etc.
    utm_mediumDefines a traffic delivery vehicle. For example, cpc, email, newsletter
    utm_campaignDefines the name of an ad campaign or keyword. For example, HabrahabrPromo, NewYearSales, FreeOffer.

    How does it automate

    In the UniSender mailing service, we have completely automated all this routine process of replacing links. In order to have statistics on the performance of newsletters, you just need to check the corresponding box in the account settings.

    At the same time, the necessary parameters will be automatically added to all links, which means that the Google Analytics script installed on your site will correctly count these users. If goals are set, then you can make selections of what percentage of mailing recipients reaches them.

    It is worth noting that Google Analytics will not be able to calculate the percentage of readings of the mailing list (how many people have opened the message, and how many haven’t), the number of delivered and undelivered messages, and the number of spam blocks. To do this, you need to use the internal statistics of UniSender mailings, which will easily answer these questions.

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