Inside the new iMac

    Hi, Habr.
    iFixit well done! Distinguished and this time.
    Previously, they spun iPad 2 now decided to show the inner world of the new iMac.
    The iMac 21.5 "EMC 2428 came under parsing. Traffic

    under the cut

    1. Removing the display

    To do this is a little easier than before, because the preference for fasteners is given to mechanical latches rather than glue, as before.

    2. The sensational Thunderbolt

    3. Motherboard (rather unusual form)

    the same, but without the heat spreader.

    it seems like the CPU and GPU can be changed, but if you do it yourself, the warranty will not see.

    Those wishing to check out the step by step the entire process of disassembly, to ask

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