118. Socialization of memory

    Psychologists have known about the social nature of higher mental processes for a long time (from Vygotsky?).

    But modern social networks are bringing a new note to this issue.

    If you use the network as a magazine, informing it of significant events and experiences for you, i.e. as external memory, then you are faced with a social tail or trail.

    Because people react (rate and comment) on your messages with some lag, they keep your focus on the experiences you describe for longer than you could do it yourself.

    Thus, your social environment extends your memory, and not only.

    By their attention or ignoring, your network friends play the role of a certain filter, filtering or fixing episodes of your experience.

    It is clear that if one event will cause a stormy resonance and discussion, and the other will be ignored, then the first is better to remember than the second.

    Those. bringing your life to people, you will inevitably expose it to their influence. The crowd of your friends begins to form, if not your life itself, then at least the memories of it.

    But there is a “but.” For the effect to be felt, a certain intensity of this social life is necessary. The activity of your friends should be high enough to establish a stable interaction.

    And this is impossible to guarantee, since not all people are active on the network. And then quality must be taken in quantity.

    Having a wide circle of friends, you will most likely receive an almost immediate response to your messages, as at least one interested person will be online.

    In one of our webinars , Andrei Sikorsky and I talked about the importance of third-level connections, or “random” relationships, which allow you to create an interactive social space that interacts with you, prolongs your experiences, takes part in shaping your attitude to your life.

    It is clear that such an interaction is not suitable for everyone. But it attracts more and more people who find meaning in these changes.

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