Screwdriver with ICE. Just for fun

    Video blogger Agent Diego somehow jokingly showed on his channel “diesel screwdriver”, which actually smoked due to a malfunction of the electric motor. But in every joke there is a grain of truth - and here's another video blogger, under the nickname Johnnyq90, manufactures a screwdriver that really works from ICE .

    The design came out interesting enough to get on Hackaday , from where its brief characteristic was taken: “At the heart of the device is the model ICE Kyosho GX12, in which the cooling system is replaced with a larger one. Gearbox and cartridge are taken from a conventional electric screwdriver. Everything else is homemade. The clutch had to be carefully made from scratch, the impeller was printed. Also required: the frame, brass washers for setting the position of the engine, the throttle lever and handle. Then it turned out that the gearbox needs to be improved, since the ICE has more speed ”.

    Although the screwdriver does an excellent job with its purpose, it turned out to be absolutely impractical: it is impossible to work indoors, the noise level exceeds the limit, the lifespan is small. But who said that DIY is always practical?

    I will show that more people get up with model ICE. Video blogger Igor Beletsky redid this engine in steam. Of course, water vapor combined with a lack of oil will disable it very quickly. But it works!

    A video blogger Igor Negoda "taught" the engine to operate on compressed air.

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