New version of NuGet 1.2 package manager released


    Phil Haack in his blog announced a new version of the package manager NuGet 1.2. The official website provides a list of innovations in the new version:

    • support for framework profiles - NuGet packages can now contain libraries not only for different versions of the .NET framework, but also for different platforms, for example, Silverlight on Windows Phone 7;
    • Automatically add binding redirects - NuGet can now automatically detect the need to configure a section bindingRedirectin web.config. Read more about the problem of configuring binding redirects here ;
    • specifying links to .NET Framework assemblies (from the GAC) - now in the NuGet package you can specify the list of assemblies that the package uses from the standard .NET Framework. This can be useful for developers who will document the project and make a list of package dependencies;
    • support for API key storage - now NuGet allows using the SetApiKey command to save the key for the package so that the next time you do not have to enter it again when updating the package;
    In addition, the update received the NuGet Package Explorer tool . Now the final version of this tool has been released, which allows you to examine the contents of NuGet packages and integrates into the Windows environment for greater convenience.

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