Microsoft sues Google in Europe

    Yes, large corporations do not feed bread, let me argue in court. On Habr somehow laid out interesting infographics about who filed a lawsuit against whom from large companies engaged in mobile business. Probably, if you create a similar illustration, not only for the mobile market, but for the IT industry in general, then nothing will be visible due to the arrows. In any case, everyone is suing everyone here, and now he is very actively involved in Microsoft lawsuits. Previously, if you remember, this corporation became the subject of antitrust litigation in Europe, now Microsoft has turned from an accused to a prosecutor. The software giant sued Google, accusing the corporation of not competing in the search advertising market.

    At the same time, Microsoft expressed the hope that not only European antitrust monitors, but also US lawmakers would be interested in Google’s activities. It all started with the fact that several small companies of advertising agencies from Europe filed a lawsuit against Google, who accused the search engine of dishonest work in the field of online advertising, or rather, the understatement of Google’s search results for sites belonging to advertising networks competing with the Internet giant .

    The campaign against Google in Europe was launched last year, and gradually subsided when a new player entered the business - Microsoft Corporation. Naturally, Microsoft filed not one but several charges at once, alleging that Google is dishonest, using illegal tricks in the field of Internet search, online advertising and mobile software. Microsoft, judging by the lawsuit, also believes that Google lowers competing networks in its issuance, and in addition, it is argued that Android is very inconvenient to work with other search engines, since this mobile OS is ideally combined only with the Google search engine.

    Microsoft accuses Google of using technologies that interfere with Bing for its YouTube serviceother search services index content from this service. In addition, it is alleged that Google is creating problems for Microsoft’s mobile software, with which it’s quite problematic to watch videos from the service. Plus, Microsoft also remembered the Google Books project, which is currently going through hard times, both in Europe and in the USA.

    In general, the lawsuit brings together a fairly large number of points of indictment, on which Google will now have to defend itself.

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