DriverPack Solution 11 is available for download

    Dear Colleagues!

    I am glad to announce the release of a new version of the program for installing DriverPack Solution 11 drivers!

    The new version uses fresh driver databases, a new engine and the ability to install additional programs.
    Download link ( 2.8GB capacity ): Our goal is to collect all the drivers in one place. By the way, we already have 9 million. users!

    What's new in DRP Su 11?
    1. Fresh bases
    2. New driver installation engine
    3. Function for installing additional programs
    4. Improved processor temperature detection algorithm
    5. Creating recovery checkpoints, both when installing drivers and programs
    6. System for determining the installed antivirus

    A complete list of changes is available on our Google Code page:

    Software installation

    The first thing I want to brag about right away is: the program installation function . It was created for those who, by occupation, have to configure a large number of computers. Now you do not have to manually install each program or resort to monstrous utilities ( WPI ). Just select the necessary programs and click the “ Start Installation ” button ! Your customers will be grateful to you :)

    With one click you can install / update the driver , and at the same time install the program !

    If, for example, Skype is already installed on your computer , then you will not see it in this list. And additional utilities (for example, Asus Hotkey orNVIDIA PhysX ) will only be displayed if your computer needs them!

    The assembly includes the most basic ( and free ) software. I tried not to overload the program, and nevertheless, you can always add something of your own. To do this, just add the installation file of the program to the “ program ” folder and tweak the “ settings.js ” config .

    An example of adding a new program:
    prog [pn] = 'K-Lite Codec Pack'; // Name of the program
    cat [pn] = 'System'; // Category
    cmd1 [pn] = 'K-Lite_Codec_Pack.exe'; // File name
    cmd2 [pn] = '/ VERYSILENT / SUPPRESSMSGBOXES / NORESTART / SP-'; // Silent installation key
    check [pn] = 'HKLM \\ SOFTWARE \\ Microsoft \\ Windows \\ CurrentVersion \\ Uninstall \\ KLiteCodecPack_is1 \\ DisplayName'; // Registry key for checking an already installed program
    defaul [pn] = true; // true-check the default box, false-do not check the box
    wshow [pn] = true; // true-show dialogs, false-hide all dialogs of this program
    pn ++;

    Using the USSF.exe utility , you can find out the silent installation key for the desired program.
    In addition, you can limit the models of computers on which the program will be installed. For example, for Asus laptops :
    if (Manufacturer.toUpperCase (). indexOf ('ASUS')! = -1) {
          prog [pn] = 'Asus Hotkey';

    You can use any JavaScript code in the config!

    CPU temperature

    By popular demand, I improved the algorithm for determining the temperature of the processor.
    In case of overheating, an awesome message is displayed:

    And by clicking, you can see the temperature for each core:

    Antivirus monitoring

    It often happens that several antiviruses are installed on the computer at once ... For the system to work, this is unacceptable and can cause unpredictable consequences. When setting up computers, which of us checks this every time? After all, one of several antiviruses installed at the same time may not betray itself in the tray!

    DriverPack Solution monitors installed antiviruses and warns you if there are too many of them:

    And reminds you if you have not installed antivirus:


    I want to thank all the active users who took part in testing the program! Special thanks: QuarQ, BadPointer, SamLab and looler!

    Do not forget to download DriverPack Solution 11 and leave your feedback about it:

    For questions:
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    PS In the near future I will launch some more new features on our website and also inform the respected Habrasociety. Our new goal: “Create the most stable driver database.”

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