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Angular 7.2.2  - improved Bazel support

Angular cli

Angular CLI 7.2.3  - fixed bugs, improved stability

Angular CLI 7.3.0-beta.0  - many improvements related to Ivy, experimentalIvy flag added to generate a new application with Ivy

Angular CLI 7.3.0-rc.0


4.0.0 Neutronium   - Enjoy!


NGRX 7.1.0


TypeScript 3.2.4

TypeScript 3.3 RC  - improved support for Union Types and 4 times accelerated the incremental build of Composite Projects.

Composite Projects were published in TypeScript 3 and you can read about them by reference .

More information about the new release can be read on the official site .


Angular Console , which adds UI for Angular CLI, now has its own VS code plugin.

ngx-quicklink by mgechev , using the Intersection Observer API for Preloading Strategy, speeds up the loading of Angular applications.

Similar to the rxjs-operator-counter command , Rustam wrote the cool ng-app-counter utility for Angular .

rx-handler is a terrific ReactiveX tool that reduces boilerplate.

rxjs-watcher   is a simple Chrome DevTools extension that renders RxJS.

serverx-ts  is an experimental Node.js HTTP framework using RxJS.

Do you think you know RxJS well ? Test your knowledge in the mini-game RxJS Puzzles !

TweetDeck is an application for tracking GitHub repositories.

fx   is a terrific CLI tool for easily viewing and editing JSON in a terminal.

Spectator is a useful tool for testing Angular applications, which makes testing easier and reduces the number of boilerplates.

NgxFormly   is a simple tool for creating and dynamically displaying reactive forms.

Prettier is a tool for formatting code. It has a minimalistic config, there is integration with all IDEs and supports many languages.

For easy installation of Prettier in Angular , there is a ready-made schematics

HTTP Client Karin unusually uses template literals.
(It is not recommended to use, use standard mechanisms)

RunJS   - scratchpad for your experiments with Node.JS (macOS only)

Interesting articles


Before doing micro-optimizations, check that all of the above has already been done for your Angular application:

  • Use the Angular CLI
  • Compress your assets brotli / gzip
  • Use code-splitting with loadChildren
  • Preload routes
  • Use the Angular Service worker


All you need to know about ExpressionChangedAfterItHasBeenCheckedError

Angular injector

To ensure a quick search for providers, Angular under the hood uses Bloom Filters . There is a great article that explains this data structure in detail:

Angular forms

Organization of the application using NgxFormly

Error handling with Angular and NgxFormly

Angular monorepo

Nrwl published the book " Angular Enterprise Monorepo Patterns ".

Experiment ivy


You can try Ivy now, for this you can use a ready-made application.

Or do it yourself a few steps:

  • Update angular / cli to 7.3.0-beta.0
  • Create New Application
  • Manually update angular to 8.0.0-beta.0
  • Remove the es5BrowserSupport parameter from angular.json

npm i -g @angular/cli@7.3.0-beta.0
ng new angular-ivy --experimentalIvy

Ivy performance


Kliment Ru did some wonderful research on the performance of the Ivy, and got unexpected results.

Ivy & AngularNYC


Igor Minar on AngularNYC answers questions about IVY .

Angular and Bazel


Minko Gechev answers questions related to Angular and Bazel , and tells about the interesting features of the new collector.



Incremental and remote build of Angular on servers using Bazel.

Introducing Ionic 4


Today, I am pleased to announce the release of Ionic Framework 4.0 , which can easily be called “Ionic for Everyone” .
Max Lynch



In NGRX appeared site with detailed documentation.
The new version added the long-awaited type support for Actions , presented us with Selector Props , lifecycle methods OnInitEffects and OnIdentifyEffects . Improved support for Entity , Router Store and Store Devtools .

Angular Forms: Magical Error Mapping


Netanel Basal talks about how directives can be used to more easily display errors in Angular.

Launchpad for RxJS 


Cédric Soulas has updated the site, and added a convenient Launchpad to search for the necessary operators in various categories.

  • Explore categories
  • Look for operators
  • Study them

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