Firefox 4.0 What's New


    Finally, we waited for the new version, many beloved, browser, 4th in a row. The official release of which is scheduled for tomorrow 03/22/11. Under the cut, a complete review of innovations, carefully a lot of pictures, letters and one video

    * Stop and refresh buttons are combined into one
    * Now the default tabs are from the top
    * You can turn the regular tab into the "App Tab" in the context menu by right-clicking
    * The default bookmark toolbar has been replaced with the bookmark button (you can return it if you wish)
    * Panorama functionality gives users with a complete visual overview of all open tabs and allows them to sort and group the
    * Improved Add-ons manager
    * you can search on the already of open tabs and switch to them using Smart address bar
    * Posts connection status now from It maps the overlay on a small (in the lower left corner)

    * Support for the HTTP-header ( " the DNT ") - Not Track


    * Some rendering operations now have hardware acceleration using Direct3D 9 on Windows XP, Direct3D 10 on Windows Vista and 7, and OpenGL on Mac OS X, Core Animation also improved on Mac OS X
    * Direct2D hardware acceleration, now by default, for users of Windows 7
    * Full support for the WebGL standard is included on all platforms, but, like for other hardware acceleration functions, drivers need to be updated to the latest versions (author's note: Linux drivers with ATI video cards were not lucky, because drivers can speed up 3D on their OS yet)


    * Firefox Sync is now installed by by default, it has an improved setup interface

    * Used by JägerMonkey, a new, faster, JavaScript engine
    * Support for some experimental APIs to provide more efficient Javascript animation
    * A new way to represent values ​​in JavaScript, which allows Firefox to execute heavier, digital code (used for graphics and animation) more efficiently.


    * Redesigned the algorithm for processing complex animations
    * API for HTML5 forms makes web forms easier to implement and validate
    * New APIs for the add-ons manager and extensions with changes in the graphical interface
    * Support for new Audio Data API
    * Native support for HD HTML5 video format WebM
    * Firefox now equipped with a "buffer" for HTML5 video
    * New HTML5 parser
    * Firefox no longer goes offline automatically

    * Improved OpenType typography (support for ligatures, kerning and font variations)
    * Web developers can animate content using CSS
    * Significant API improvements are available for JS-ctypes, a third-party interface for expanding
    * Support for more HTML5 form controls
    * Web developers can update the URL of the field without reloading the page using the new API for HTML history

    * Improved scrolling and responsiveness
    * More responsive rendering of pages thanks to the lazy frame
    * Reworked code regarding bookmarks and history visited ia pages, which positively affected the speed of launching Firefox and working with bookmarks
    * Changed the way XPCOM components are registered in order to increase the speed of launching and separation of processes
    * Queries in the link histories are made asynchronous to increase responsiveness during page loading

    * Protection against crashes of Adobe Flash, Apple Quicktime or Microsoft Silverlight plug-ins on Windows, Linux, and Mac OS X
    * Changes in CSS to block the ability of sites to view browsing history
    * Support for the HSTS security protocol, allows sites to insist that they only load over SSL

    The future of Firefox
    It is worth noting that the release policy has been revised new versions. Now, significant versions will not be so large-scale, for which they will often come out, about once every 4 months.

    In Firefox 5, it is planned to add:
    new account management interface (in the picture are rough sketches from the UI development unit)
    Although I would have had just this (maybe someone blinds after 4 and a half months!?!) a
    simple interface for exchanging links with friends (F1 service integration) to
    implement animation effects in the user interface to
    prepare a 64-bit build for Windows.

    In Firefox 6: the work will be focused on expanding the capabilities for ensuring the operation of web applications ( Open Web App project ), increasing the performance of the cache and JavaScript engine, preparing the assembly for Mac OS X 10.7.

    In Firefox 7: it is planned to continue work on ensuring the isolated execution of various browser subsystems (the user interface and the processing of content in different tabs will be processed in parallel , by different processes) and integrate support for XBL (XML Binding Language) .

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