Samsung introduced a 55-inch 3D TV that doesn't need 3D glasses

    Currently, most 3D TVs (yes there, not most, but all) require special glasses to watch videos in 3D. Without them, you will not see any three-dimensional image - in general, all this is known. But manufacturers are trying to bring to the market "real 3D TV", a TV that would allow you to watch 3D video without glasses. It seems that so far the best things are with Samsung. The company recently introduced a 55-inch TV, which does not need glasses.

    This new device supports both 2D and 3D modes, which can be switched at the request of the user. The optimal distance to the screen, which allows you to enjoy the most realistic 3D - from 2.5 to 6 meters. In order to provide a 3D effect, the TV is equipped with a special LCD panel, with a variable index of refraction of the beam. When you turn on the 3D mode, the panel shows a different "picture" for the left and right eyes. If you turn off 3D, the TV displays a normal image.

    The characteristics of the TV are average, but this is only a prototype, so in the future the manufacturer will produce more and more advanced devices. It is known that TV supports full HD (1,920 x 1,080), brightness 500 cd / m2, contrast 4000: 1.

    When the TV is ready to launch it on the market is not yet known. However, manufacturers promise that such televisions will appear within three years, not later.

    Via nikkeibp

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