Apple Developers Community Meeting Report # 3

    March 3 in St. Petersburg hosted the 3rd meeting of developers for iPhone / iPad.


    Based on the feedback received from the previous meeting, the theme was always selected the current GameDev theme . For several hours, the speakers told us about Monotouch , Unity3D and Cocos2d .

    I will talk about reports, speakers and the meeting as a whole under the cut.

    It’s worth starting with the fact that we changed the venue of the meeting. If the first two were held at Ingria, the third was decided to be held at the SPbSUT named after M.A. Bonch-Bruevich.

    The change of venue has obvious advantages. Firstly, this is a great opportunity to introduce students to one of the best universities in St. Petersburg to our meetings, and secondly, to unequivocally state that the venue is perfect, you need to compare it with something. After analyzing the feedback received from the feedback, we will decide where to hold the next meeting.

    I would like to once again apologize for the sound quality in the video, unforeseen technical difficulties arose :(

    Well, we will go directly to the meeting. The first with his presentation was Stanislav Krasnoyarov , the head of the development team with 10 years of experience. Stanislav spoke about the open source framework for creating 2D games - " Cocos2D ".


    Without becoming tormented by the theoretical part, Stanislav sat down at his MacBook and showed how simple and cool it is to use Cocos2d . All those present in online mode watched how an airplane in a vacuum learns to fly, rotate and shoot against the background of clouds.

    Despite the tricks of the dark forces (how else can you explain the Tab key that fell off in the process?), After some half an hour, using its special magic called Cocos2d , a war was ready with two warlike aircraft trying to destroy each other.

    Presentation of Stanislav Krasnoyarov about Cocos2d.

    The next speaker was Andrei Baskov , who created InResearch in the field of online research, and is now fully engaged in the creation of the mobile geolocation game Geopoly .


    All those present would be happy to hear about the development of the Geopoly game itself.but according to the creator she’s not ready yet. However, Andrew talked about the Monotouch compiler , which allows you to use C # to develop applications for the iPhone.

    In a small discussion after the presentation, everyone agreed that Monotouch is certainly good, but it is advisable to use it to solve certain problems. For example, a person who knows C # well will get to know Monotach much faster than understanding Objective-C from scratch .
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    Andrew did not hide the disadvantages of Monotouch . The problem with licensing stands apart. A personal license costs $ 399. There is a free version in which you can not run applications on the device, and a version for students at a price of $ 99, in which there is no possibility of sending the application to the AppStore.

    Presentation of Andrei Baskov about Monotouch.

    After a small stake break (yes, it’s a stakebreak) it's time to share the experience of an expert in the field of developing applications for mobile devices at DataArt Grigory Buteyko .


    Gregory talked about creating high-quality eye shadow with Unity3D . Initially, Grisha wanted to talk exclusively about shadows, but closer to the meeting he decided to expand his presentation a bit and told us about the multi-platform game development tool - Unity3D .


    Among the benefits of using UnityGregory highlighted the availability of a free version for Windows and JavaScript code. There is also a physical engine, but it can be attributed to the pluses with a stretch, since it is very reliable and you have to pay for the version for the iPhone. Using an example of a finished game, Gregory demonstrated how much easier it is to create an animation of a dangling ribbon near a ship in 3d, compared to 2d.

    Returning to the shadows, Gregory said that in Unity3D you need to draw a shadow initially without external game space on a white screen, without using the dimming function. In order not to be unfounded, Grisha showed how the shadow of one of the ships is arranged, and showed how cool it is in movement due to the use of Unity . So that everyone could clearly see the shadows of objects, I had to create a small intimacy in the audience :)

    In conclusion, I would like to say that we are growing and developing. Both novice students and experienced programmers join us. We will be glad to see new developers at future meetings.

    The ADC # 4 meeting will be held in early April and we are still thinking about its subject. We will be glad to hear your suggestions!

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